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2010-01-10 09:54:25 UTC
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you argue evolution
and evolution is not the issue,
timeline and rate is the issue.
the simple Genesis is not about evolution
of animals nor plants.
It is about humans created as two people
who parented the whole world in the year 4025 BC,
how Noah then refathered it thru his three sons and wives
on 2369 BC July 8.

It is about how Hamurabi honored Noah's birth as
1200 years in 1770 BC, and how Amizaduga honored
Adam's awakening as 2400 in 1626 BC both using Venus
rotation of pentacle 5-point orbital pattern.

It is about how others twist it such as the Hindu saying in 700 BC
that 2400 years had passed from the Flood because they had dwelt on
the Hindus River 1200 years since 1900 BC and insisted their Venus
calendar came from 1900 BC not 1625 BC.
It is about how NeoBabylonians claimed 834 BC was not Adams 3192
936 years from 1770 BC, but insisting that 2009 BC was 3192 honoring
936 years after the Flood and the Catholic Pope preventing minor
divisions and wars by claiming the kingdom in 800 AD.
The calendars and astronomy are the key to every date back to Adam,
and it is a science ignored so that new science can be fabricated just
like the Hindu and NeoBabels who raise themselves up above the ancient
parents merely because they can do so, the parents are dead.
Your hour has arrived, the one who knows the hour has arrived, and we
now know your our of your death with your Sodom.
Tom McDonald
2010-01-10 10:15:10 UTC
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Elijahovah wrote:

<nothing to do with archaeology>
Tom "Go Pack" McDonald
2010-01-11 16:14:12 UTC
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Post by Tom McDonald
<nothing to do with archaeology>
Tom "Go Pack" McDonald
Tom McDonald wrote a judgement call
as words out his mouth like shit out his asshole.
If archeology lies saying that humans have been dug
up from before 4000 BC then this has everything to do with
atcheology. Such judgement calls screaming out saying
this is nothign nothing nothing is like his parents who
told him he was worthless, or perhaps should have told him.
He is either like them, or worse than them, certainly not better,