Does big-eared Obama trace ancestral roots to Egypt's Punt?
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2009-06-15 01:51:27 UTC
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It is generally not known that the prehistoric pygmy Ptah and his
seven pygmy
workers are attributed in the mythology of Egypt as being the first
masons, members of gilds, and builders of ancient societities leaving
an enlightened,
advanced world behind them. Egypt’s homeland is Punt. Based on pygmy
Bes (read
Sayce) Egypt’s first god, pygmy Ptah, was based. Obama’s father Luo
tribe claims
roots to Egypt, as noted by Mahari. Does big-eared Obama trace
ultimate roots to
Punt? We can never know, but what does physical evidence of the
distant past leave
us as the dots are connected?

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2009-06-15 15:31:46 UTC
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Ptah the crossing of the planet Mars
is a pygmy with 7 dwarfs....
smaller than sun & moon
& Jupiter & Saturn & Venus
yep I guess Mars is one of two pygmies,
the smallest of 7 along with Mercury.
Then again brilliant Venus only looks bigger
than Mars.

Is this anything like Pharaoh who because
he equates himself with being born again
like the Saturnalia that his name is therefore Osiris
which means born again,
and in this case was the born again planet Saturn.
(13 orbits in 383 years - Jan 2369 BC to Jan 1986 BC).
Amazed how everyone ignores Moses saying that
language is twisted and confused do to Babylon's
theory of postulating anything you damn please with every word.
And that he says this caused a need for a translator
whom Joseph used 510 years later in 1729 BC.