Hyksos in late Old Kingdom
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2010-01-12 13:03:39 UTC
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origins_of_the_Hyksos

[Quote] The origin of the term "Hyksos" derives from the Egyptian
expression heka khasewet ("rulers of foreign lands"), used in Egyptian
texts such as the Turin King List to describe the rulers of
neighbouring lands. This expression begins to appear as early as the
late Old Kingdom in Egypt, referring to various Nubian chieftains, and
as early as the Middle Kingdom, referring to the Semitic chieftains of
Syria and Canaan.[/Quote]

Above this excerpt is a hieroglyphic form of "Hyksos".

My concern is whether the hieroglyphic form mentioned above is the
exactly same as it appears in late Old Kingdom records.

Better still if someone could provide an online link showing the late
Old Kingdom version.
2010-01-13 12:03:02 UTC
The Hyksos has every kind of scholar pretending they know all about
them when in fact they ignore the signs. Magentic fields, wind,
electricity, everything gives off signs of its own nature to reveal
what it is or what it was. But the misinterpreter will always screw it
up. In fact there are more misinterpreters than accurate ones, and
they will justify themselves when someone greater comes along to
correct them. (Someone greater in the sense of being right and with

Immigrations, migrations, evacuations, flights, family migration
versus mass migrations are not the same and vary in reasons. The
Israelites of 600,000 men left in a single day. People left the
Houston texas hurricane in one day and never came back. Hyksos left
the slavery enforced just after the birth of Aaron who was but 3 years
older than Moses. This was not a mass migration but a personal choice
of people not to work mandatory employment at mandatory wages. The
indication that this is in 1600 BC is overwhelemingly based on
calendars because it is calendar dates cycling that make these people
feel they have to do something to celebrate by forcing others to join
them in such a celebration. It matters not whether a holiday be
regarded as political or religious, the freedoms of others are still
effected and they choose to leave it. The Hyksos migration is directly
affiliated with falls in Hittite Ararat and Babylonian Chaldea.

300-year Babylon 1894-1594 BC ends with the birth of Moses as if the
bad has fallen and the good will be born. Most dates are locked in
with such thinking. But scholars ignore that this is the primary
foundation of chronology. The year 1626 BC Babylon started falling
because its last ruler was no good for 30 years. So although a
migration occurs at the fall of Babylon in 1594 BC, it occurs by those
seeing events to flee it in 1625 BC. This is proven by Hindu
celebrating 1200 years in 700 BC of residency on the river Hindus. But
they celebrate it as 1200-year Venus of the hundreds of tablets
students were forced to copy in school. Those tablets are 1625 BC not
1900 BC. This proves the first migration was 1900 BC and 275 years
before another migration out of Babylon to relatives. It is then why
the chronology of Genesis for a 4025 BC Adam is altered to a 5500 BC
Adam. The Venus year 1625 BC is 2400, but regarding Venus as 3600 in
1900 BC. This confirms migration in both 1900 and in 1625 to the same
river. But what occurred 6 years before Babylon. It was the fall of Ur
III. Abram was from Ur III and so having left in 1943 BC the Ur of
2029 BC was not the fall of Ur III but rather it was the fall of Ur I.
The involvement of Ibbi-Sin in the enthronement of Ishbi-Erra (2017
BC) has allowed some scholars to force the concept that Ibbi-Sin ruled
his 24 years to 2030 BC. I am not sure it is excusable for them to say
Hey well, most ancient scholars 2000 years ago were drawing the same
conclusion. Lies ruling truth is not excused by a majority rule.
With the 1900 BC migration more established than the 1894 BC rise
of Babylon, the chronologies reveal that they all pivot on the 300
years as 1900-1600 BC. Greek chronology uses 1600 BC as 3600 years
from a 5200 BC Adam. Thus a debate exists of whether migration existed
at 1900 or 1600, but this is because it occurred both times. Thus we
now have a MASS migration at 1900 and 1625 and 1600 and 1594 BC. The
1900 out of Ur III to Babylon and the Hindus River (those to Egypt
were the minority choice). The 1625 out of Babylon to the Hindus
River; again a minority to Egypt. The 1600 is not into Egypt, because
they are leaving Egypt to escape the slavery. Yet Egyptian decision to
do this is being taken by other cities since this is being regarded as
a fall of Babylon other than the Babylonian reasons in 1625 and 1594
BC. Israel in Egypt is choosing like queen Esther saying if it were
slavery, we would accept it. The therefore the Hyksos leaving Egypt
are doing so as families not mass migration; the majority of Hyksos in
1600 BC are staying to wait for a savior like Joseph (1730 BC). But
Joseph like Moses was faulty. Though refusing adultery, he accepted an
Egyptian wife, which even Abram was reluctant to do, and eventually
found his son Isaac to be uninfluenced by Egyptian beliefs the way
Hagar taught Ishmael. A fact no one has ever noted is that Moses
counters what Joseph did when Moses says you must never force the land
7 years with one crop. So the Jehovah proves the famine was caused by
Joseph but that was caused by the fact Pahraoh dreamed of the obvious
existing 7-year mineral depletion. Physical laws of God do not start
in 1730 BC; they existed, always have; you can bleed the land and
ought not to. Thus the Hyksos had reason to expect a better than
Joseph savior. So the criticism of Joseph comes from two directions
(other than his brothers too who retained that criticism after Jacob
Israel died according to Genesis by saying they feared Joseph because
the father was no longer alive to protect them form evil Joseph). The
other two avenues of hate or griping is both Hamitic versus Shemetic.
The Hamitic hate is because Israel is Shemetic, and the Shemetic hate
is because it is singled down to one man Joseph. Moses himself was
hated by Hamitic for being Shemetic, hated by Shemetic for being
Israel, and hated by Israel as if to be a self-appointed leader
putting a self-divine fate on his Egyptian status. So too then the
criticism of Joseph is going to be snuffed out by all sides, Hamitic,
Shemtic Hyksos, Israelite.
So the Hyksos are those who decide to go with Israel and become
Israel by following Moses. The mass of Israelites were more Hyksos
than Israel, but have chosen to become Israel since many have already
married the hope of Israel as savior. And so they leave in 1513 BC
verified by sothic dating from Roman chron, Chinese chron, Greek
chron, Hindu chron, and even Mayan chron. But scholars laugh saying
how would they know of Israel exodus. Well firstly, the origins of
these other people are directly related to relatives joing them who
left Egypt. Secondly, the disaster that Moses repeatedly predicted was
a small portion of a global disaster type Armageddon by astral
encounter. Thus exodus and migration was occurring all over the planet
in 1513 BC.
Sothic nature goes forward from Flood. It does not go back as in
1313 BC July 17 back, or 1322 BC July 20 back. The nature was measured
in the exodus year. China does so as twice 180 leap days (1440 years
as 2953-1513 BC).
The Jewish Seder Olam notes 2033 BC as 720 years of 180 leap days
before their 1313 BC exodus and then adds 72 years back to Noahs Flood
2105 BC because 72x 365 days = 73x 360 days. The correct factor is 137
Julian = 139x 360 days and is why the exodus is 137 +720 years or 857
years (2370-1513 BC). But all other chronologies show this. The Maya
use azimuth sun for Venus and so 744 years of 180 solar leap days
before 2370 BC as a 3114 BC Flood and after 2370 BC as Amizaduga's
1626 BC. There is no chronology that DOES NOT scream out and shout and
cry out these facts and only arrogance in heart is why you people
reject it and MUST DIE and WILL DIE your own fate you created, not at
the hand of religion nor hand of politics. The hour or disaster is
here again. Disaster means you have left the stars or miscalculated
your astronomy. Impact Feb 28; fire will kill those outside; those
inside will drown who dont head to the moutains before 7 days.