Forged Koran even older than the prophet Mohammad
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2015-09-01 05:09:25 UTC
So for some reason or another the Brits
forged a copy of the Koran.


Seriously. And we know for a fact that it's
forged because we know for a fact that the
Koran had undergone quite a lot of revision
in the past, and yet this "Oldest Copy"
shows the opposite.

Again, we know for a fact that the Koran has
been revised many times in the past. There
are copies which show this revision. So if
this one "Shows" that the Koran is pretty
much exactly the same now as the day it was
written, it has to be a forgery. And it is.

It's been carbon dated and it's OLDER than
the prophet Mohammad...


There's always the slimmest possibility that
it isn't a forgery, that someone took a
much, much older book, wiped the text and
reused it. This was actually quite common
in the past. What isn't common though is
for researchers/museums to completely miss
the previous text. It always leaves signs,
and often it can be read in it's entirety.
Which suggests a hoax.

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2015-09-13 20:38:23 UTC
The Koran is a revised version of the word of Kore,an ancient goddess. Imams originally wrote the Koran before Mohammed was born.