Talk.origins evolutionists lie saying all was created in Day 6
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2009-10-23 10:19:03 UTC
...that all creatures were created on the same day. Can any of you
creationists point to evidence that supports this? Just curious.
I would like to know which one of you is The Devil or which one is
Satan, because Moses warns us that when you are told not to eat of one
fruit that the Devil will say to you is it true you cannot eat any
fruit at all. This is essentially what you did here as if it gives you
The Power to win the argument of truth.

Essentially it is futile to argue with you, it cannot be proven to
you; the TRUTH cannot be proven to you because you have already made
up your mind that the way to win truth is by declaring that a lie
comes from the Bible twisting it from what it really says (or perhaps
using an actual lie from Creationists). Your intent is one of choosing
not to see or you would not lie to do this if you truly wanted a
truthful answer. What you quoted was from Day 6 in verses that merely
makes it clear that animals were created before man. The distinction
of those words in Day 6 does not say it was for creating animals. It
does say animals were still coming forth in Day 6 and they were in Day
5; but the distinction of the words is to confirm that humans are of
their kind just as animals are of their own kind. That dogs do not
have sex with monkeys, and that Egypt is wrong for having sex with
animals. That they did so is confirmed by Moses making Law to forbid
it. Yet your school of evolution has led to Star Trek where they
interbreed, and to internet where you people provide ability for
people who have sex with animals to meet each other. You say that a
dislike for gays is being racist, and yet I could enter any chat and
the men and women talk about meeting for sex. Enter gay chat and its
the same, even worse, a man in Racine sucks his dog and wants to suck
your dog, and was divorced but now has an Asian wife who doe not Day
5, and the vegetation that grew Day 3 and 4, the humidity that was rid
Day 2, and the sunlight on the ocean of Day 1 of which you expect it
to mention the microbes and plankton.
Carbon-14 has a 20,000 year gap for the 340 years from 2369 BC Jan 6
to 2029 BC Jan 6 (meaning that as of 2009 AD that 4378-4038 BP dates
as 24,378-4038 BP placing the 1656 years back to Adam as 26,034 BP in
4025 BC. And so the start of each DAY is likewise an additional 20,000
in error according to C14. The preceding 42,000 years (6 days x 7000)
date back to 68,034 BP which is KNOWN to be the C14 max in existence
since plankton formed in the ocean when sunlight appeared on it. And
so 6 days reaching back to 68,009 BP in 42,000 BC.

Now again you have played The Devil and Satan by lying a talking
millions of years by claiming the minerals in fossils being millions
of years old means that the animals are likewise millions of years
old. You lie and you say that when mineral a million years old washes
into a dead animal 30,000 years ago that dating this million year old
mineral proves the animal is likewise a million. Tell me how the
mineral gets young by entering a dead animal. You haven't explained
this yet, and yet you rape our taxes for evolution schools, while
churches have to rely on the love of donations and collections. You do
not go to jail for Church dues, just taxes.
Tom McDonald
2009-10-23 12:33:11 UTC
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