Turning ancient Egypt black?
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2014-10-27 11:58:42 UTC
Did European archaeologists smash the noses off
of ancient statues in order to hide "Racial"

The claim is that the reason a lot of statues
are missing noses is because Europeans, hell
bent on "White Washing" all of history, were
deliberately trying to recast the ancients as
white instead of pitch-black sub Saharan Africans.

This is real, I saw this claim I'm not the least
bit familiar with, done my 30-seond Google search
and found nothing of value. So, I'm asking here...

The missing noses on a lot of Egyptian statues are
a similar deal. It's not that the ancient Egyptians
made statues with strangely fragile noses. Many
Victorian archaeologists had a habit of chipping
the noses off of the statues they brought back,
then claiming that they'd found them that way -
because with the noses intact, it was too obvious
that the statues were meant to depict individuals
of black African descent.

Ironically, I know for a fact that many ancient
Egyptian statues were defaced by superstitious
Egyptians (The sphinx, for example)...

I've complained about the "Social Justice"
nutters in the past, how they co-opt history, how
they practice revisionism in the pursuit of their
racist agenda. They're even anti feminism ("White
Women") and anti Semitic, because everyone knows
all Muslims are "People of Color" and all Jews are
lily white...


: Early Egyptian Pharaohs tended to be Black,
: later ones were lighter.


But here's what "Old Kingdom" egyptians looked like:



No sub saharan blood there...

Ramesses the Great, in the New Kingdom, had classically
"Semitic" features, particularly the nose:

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I'm not saying that ancient Egyptians were white. They
certainly would have been insulted to be called
Europeans. They were Egyptians! The probably looked
very much like modern Egyptians...

But, your thoughts/ideas/links would be appreciated.

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2014-10-28 03:29:16 UTC
Post by JTEM
Did European archaeologists smash the noses off
of ancient statues in order to hide "Racial"
The Bible has names for Egypt that are not of modern deceit. Memphis is not Greek but rather a Shemetic Noph of Mizraim. The name Egypt is Pharaoh Seth the brother of Ramses in 1290bc. Giza was Hamitic and founded in 2170bc 140 years before the English-Hittites of Hattusa and Shemetic Chaldeans of Ur built Noph (Memphis) in 2030bc. The first 5 dynasties are black Hamitic not the Shemetic of the 6-8th dynasties that merged as a Pharaoh (house of kings) after 5th dynasty death. It is the black Hamitic 11th dynasty that made Pharoah a sole king as the Memphite Shemetic kings of the Pharaoh had feared. But then they proudly took over as a Shemetic 12th dynasty in 1943bc so that Abram, left Ur to come see the sole Shemetic Pharaoh and bring him the 25-year lunar calendar (75 years of Egyptian dates) with its difference from 76-year (19-year) zodiac. The last male Pharaoh of the 12th dynasty actually brought an end to it by sharing his kingship with Joseph, resulting in the following first female Pharaoh as the dynasty's last Pharaoh. Thus 13 thru 17 become lost in absurdities and claimed as Hyksos, and Jews, when simply the schools of these dynasties were relying on 12th dynasty library to look great while in fact the records were all twisted and Moses came along and could see that in his 40 years of schooling from 1594-1554bc. So yes Egypt was black from its first 2170bc until those white folk intruded 140 years later. However, look at the great pyramid which took 276 years to build until 1894bc This means 49 years of white history 1943-1894bc capped off the previous 226-year project of stationary telescopes so big and so long to make close refined observations that Precession shifted its star out of any further views beyond 92 years with each adjustment.
2014-10-28 16:18:54 UTC
Elijahovah wrote:


Now you've placed me in a really bad position.
See, on the one hand I want to thank you for
taking the time to write such a thoughtful
reply, but on the other I feel compelled to
urge you to take your meds.

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